A New Name for the Museum

(June 25, 2015) ASHLAND, NE – The Strategic Air & Space Museum announces a decision by its Board of Directors to change its name to “Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum.”

This decision came about from a process involving many months of community engagement feedback. When executive director, Dr. Mike McGinnis, joined the Museum in January of 2014, one of his top priorities was to develop a five-year plan for the Museum. The plan consisted of three strategic initiatives: (1) preserve the history of Strategic Air Command (SAC); (2) develop and deliver STEM education to K-12 groups; and, (3) upgrade the museum’s appearance and facilities. Based on the new strategic plan, the vision for the Museum is clear. “The museum has a unique opportunity to be known for its excellence in preserving aviation and space related history, exhibitions, and the science and technology that tell the stories of the Strategic Air Command and those who served, fought and won the Cold War,” said Dr. Michael McGinnis.

As part of its strategic planning process, the Museum’s executive team met with numerous community leaders and groups. Feedback from these meetings led to a study for renaming the museum which was approved by the Board of Directors in December 2014. In March, feedback from museum visitors, community leaders and groups about renaming the Museum was overwhelmingly in favor (92%) of a name change that put “Strategic Air Command” or “SAC” back in the name. At the March Board of Directors meeting, these results were presented and the Board moved to proceed with an analysis of selecting a new name for the museum. On June 24, 2015 the Museum’s executive team presented results from public voting, and a budget for the name change, to the Board of Directors. The Board voted unanimously to change the name.

Throughout the entire process, the museum received thousands of votes and comments. “The Museum staff and Board of Directors agree it is important to pay tribute to SAC’s history for generations of Americans here in Nebraska and from outside our local communities,” said Dr. Michael McGinnis. “In addition, we are an air and space museum that offers guests and youth STEM educational experiences related to the physics of air and space flight. The new name reflects the Museum’s vision to offer guests the opportunity to learn about the history of Strategic Air Command and to experience the science of air and space flight.”

The Museum’s status as a non-profit entity will not change. Once legal work is completed to officially change its name, the Museum will begin replacing signage and develop a new website. The Museum is currently planning to unveil the Museum’s new logo sometime in Spring 2016.