The Children's Learning Center is a place where guests of all ages, especially children and families, can explore, learn, and make discoveries about science, technology, and physics of air and space travel. New interactive displays and challenges include:

Bernouilli Blower

Learn about the principles of airflow, air speed and pressure, and effects on various shaped, sized and massed objects.

Circuitry Board

Learn all about the parts and pieces of a circuit board by building your own!

Electromagnetic Ring Launcher

Observe how an electromagnetic rod shoots an aluminum ring upwards on a large rod.

Four Forces of Flight

Learn about lift, thrust, drag, and weight to build your own aircraft and try to take flight!

Hand-Cranked Bulbs

Use your energy to turn the crank and discover how much energy it takes to light each bulb!

Innovation Station

Create inventions, environments, and activities with large-scale foam blocks that encourage teamwork and imagination.

KEVA Planks

Create structures and gain first-hand experience with balance, leverage, geometry and the principles of physics.

Magnet Wall

Design a rollercoaster and watch energy in motion!

Dual Test Track

Learn how friction, drag, weight distribution, and gravity affect the design and operation of aircraft and other vehicles.

Quake Table

Design structures and explore the phenomena of earthquakes and their effects.

Tennis Ball Launcher

Explore the effects of gravity on different-sized and -massed objects.

Vortex Cannon

Generate kinetic blasts of air and analyze how friction causes air to change.

Wind Trainer

Learn about the science and technology of flight in terms of aircraft roll, pitch, and yaw.

This exhibit is a permanent gallery in the Museum made possible by:

Richard Brooke Foundation
Mutual of Omaha
Amy L. Scott Family Foundation
Holland Foundation
Valmont Industries
Richard P. Kimmel & Laurine Kimmel Charitable Foundation
Shirley Clifton