A message from Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum Executive Director, Jeff Cannon:

As we continue to navigate through these challenging times, we are reminded daily of your appreciation and support of the Museum from your encouraging messages and financial support. We also understand that you and your loved ones are facing your own unique challenges each day and financial resources are limited.

There is still an effective and easy way for you to help the Museum.

The U.S. museum community and our related “museum economy” is vast and is facing an existential threat from the closures required to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Museums of all sizes are experiencing closures, attendance free-fall, canceled events, and actual layoffs. We have been fortunate to maintain both our full and part-time staff during our temporary closure.

Congress is moving extremely quickly on consideration of economic relief and recovery packages in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact across many industries. In support of the museum field, we urge the U.S. Congress to include at least $4 billion for nonprofit museums in COVID-19 (coronavirus) economic relief legislation to provide emergency assistance through June.

Now is the time to contact your legislators to let them know what the museum field is facing and urge them to provide critical support for museums.
Please join us in a sending a message to our legislators.

The link below provides a simple and effective way to send our important message.


Thank you for your continued support of the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum.

Jeffrey Cannon, President/CEO