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EC-135 Looking Glass

The Calling Card to the Cold War

The Strategic Air Command (SAC) Airborne Command Post was airborne 365/24/7.

The Looking Glass mission, to ensure Nuclear peace, was successfully completed for over 37 years.


Serving the Mission

General John T. Chain Jr. landed the last mission on an EC-135 Looking Glass aircraft at Offutt AFB in 1990.

General Chain, Honorary Chair for this project said, “There was no other mission more important to the success of the United States winning the Cold War.”

Since 1993, EC-135 Looking Glass has been awaiting restoration.

The aircraft is being restored inside-and-out, to the configuration of that last mission in 1990. The Looking Glass aircraft display will feature exhibits with lessons in American history.

The lessons will include oral histories of the men and women who served, artifact displays, and lesson plans so the thousands of youth that visit the museum annually will learn about one of the most important missions in American history.

This will be the largest restoration project the Museum has taken on and we need support.

Restoration volunteers have completed over 26,000 hours of work since 2015. The estimated time of completion is fall of 2020.  

The Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is home to over 40 air- and spacecraft that span 70-years of history.

The Museum is not funded by any government source and we rely on support from individuals and the community in order to preserve history and bring learning experiences to our local schools and the thousands of visitors from all over the United States that visit us each year.

Please consider donating to the Museum.  Donations are tax deductible and can be made through our secure website www.SACMuseum.org

Welcome to the EC-135 Looking Glass Restoration page!

The EC-135 Looking Glass is an icon of the Strategic Air Command and a credit to the nation it served for many years. Read a letter from Gen. John T. Chain (USAF, r.) here- detailing the role Looking Glass played in winning the Cold War and the value it adds to the SAC Aerospace Museum collection.

Many thanks to our sponsors for support in the restoration and exhibition of Looking Glass!

ConstellationWest-01 The next generation of SAIC. (PRNewsFoto/SAIC)

Fundraising Supporters

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