Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

The Education Department at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum is committed to delivering a premier Virtual Learning experience.
You can select activities from our virtual catalog to maximize your classroom experience as well as meeting your states educational standards.

With each virtual field trip you get your choice of up to three amazing hands on activities from our growing virtual catalog, along with a grade-level group appropriate tour delivered right to your classroom.

These field trips are designed for classrooms of 30 students or less.



· There is a $175.00 fee per ordering classroom, this includes access to virtual content, lesson plans, materials, and shipping.

· You must have access to an internet connection to receive video content using YouTube.

· Materials that will not be included but are required for most activities are as follows: scissors, pencils, markers, masking tape, and rulers.

· Bookings must be purchased a minimum three weeks in advance to allow for shipping and handling of materials.

· Interactive Zoom meetings with our education staff may be added for an additional $25.00 dollars per class (subject to availability.)

Check out the Activities being offered below!

Pocket Solar System Activity Icon

Pocket Solar System

Students will create a to-scale solar system visual that that they can roll up and fit in their pocket.

Parachute Design Activity Icon

Parachute Design

Students will design a parachute using common office and household materials. They will then test the effectiveness of their parachute at varying heights.

Straw Rockets Activity Icon

Straw Rockets

Students will learn about thrust, drag, and ballistic trajectory as they construct and launch rockets made from straws.

Paper Airplane Activity Icon

Paper Airplane Design

Students will learn about the 4 forces of flight as the build and design paper airplanes.

Waves of Energy Activity Icon

Waves of Energy

Learn about how energy moves from one place to another, while you build a visual machine to test your wave knowledge.

FPG-9 Activity Icon


Learn and apply the 4 forces of flight to this project where students take an ordinary foam plate and create a glider that soars through the air.

Aircraft Tour Activity Icon

Aircraft Tour

See some of the amazing aircraft that we have here at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum.

Activities Coming Soon…


Cutthroat Space Race Activity

Cutthroat Space Race

Compete against your classmates and survive the attempts to sabotage your team, in a cutthroat race to see who can be the first to build a landing craft fit to get you team of astronauts safely to the moon.

Pack the Plane Activity Icon

Pack the Plane

Students will learn about the Doolittle Raid and the planning that went into making sure it succeeded using a simple math worksheet to calculate distance and weight of the aircraft.

B-17 Experience Activity Icon

B-17 Experience

Participate in 3 exciting mission as the crew of a fleet of B-17 bomber, help turn the tide of the European theater, and fend of enemy fighters.


Lunar Lander Activity Icon

Lunar Lander

A less cut throat competition to build the best lunar lander which can safely transport your team of astronauts safely.

Toppling Topography Activity Icon

Toppling Topography

Learn some basic cartography skill and design a topographical map of your favorite park!


Planisphere Activity Icon


Learn to navigate using the position of the stars, and build a quick guide that can help you travel at night.

Space Habitat Design Activity Icon

Space Habitat Design

Design you very own habitat on another planet, what do you need to have in your habitat to survive on an alien planet?

Space Junk Collector Activity Icon

Space Junk Collector

Build a device that will help you collect space junk just like our astronauts to use.

Sun Wheel Activity Icon

Sun Wheel

Students will develop a deeper understanding of how the pattern of the Sun affects what stars are visible in the sky and the amount of natural light at different times of the day and night. Students will be able to recognize that the cause of day and night is the rotation of Earth on its axis.

Sundial Activity Icon


Learn how to tell time using the sun, and build your own sundial that you can use to tell time.