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Helicopter Day

Our day celebrating the whirlybirds, choppers, and eggbeaters is back…

Join us Saturday, May 21 for our annual Helicopter Day! Get here early to see the helicopters arrive, land, and then visit with the pilots to learn more about these amazing machines.  Rides will be available for $80 per person! The following helicopters are scheduled to appear:

  • StarCare
  • LifeNet 1-1
  • Nebraska State Patrol
  • Omaha Police Department
  • Nebraska National Guard

SKYBOUND HELICOPTERS LLC will be on-site this SATURDAY, MAY 21 for helicopter rides! Some things to know if you would like to go for a ride:

  • Rides are $80+ tax per person.
  • Ride time, including loading and unloading, is approximately 15 minutes.
  • All ages welcome- children over age 2 will need their own seats.
  • Max Passengers: 3 Max Seat Weight: 285 lbs. Max Combined Passenger Weight: 500 lbs. OTHER FAQ: https://buff.ly/3wtS7JL

Save time in line! Fill out your waiver ahead of time: https://buff.ly/38yEdNp

We will also have a number of food trucks! We look forward to seeing you for this exciting event!



Can my child sit on my lap? How old do they have to be to fly?

Children over the age of 2 years will be required to have their own seat.

Children under the age of 2 years are required to have proof of age (passport or birth certificate) to be considered a lap child.

Why do you need to know my weight?

It is both a legal requirement and good safety practice to perform a weight and balance of the aircraft before each flight.

This ensures that we are within our weight and center of gravity limits as recommended by the manufacturer and FAA. Safety is and will always be our number one concern.

Can I take pictures?

Absolutely! Take as many pictures as you would like. If your flight is at night, we only ask that you turn off your flash.

Can I bring a drink on the flight?

You are allowed bottled water in the aircraft. All other food and beverage is prohibited.


Sponsored by:

Is your business or organization interested in being a part of our Helicopter Day?

Contact Chief Operating Officer, John Lefler, Jr. at deputydirector@sacmuseum.org

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