Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum Overnight Policies and FAQs

Welcome! Thank you for choosing an Overnight experience at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum! We look forward to sharing our educational experience with you and your scouts at your upcoming overnight.


Reservation Policy

    • Reservations for Overnights will be required one week before the Overnight date. Payment is due upon registration, and all sales are final.

    • You will receive a confirmation email upon registration and one week before the Overnight date.


Cost of Attendance

    • $40 per participant*

    • $30 per leader/chaperone*

    • If less participants attend than the number confirmed, the group will not be granted a refund. If more participants attend than the number confirmed, the troop will be responsible for paying for the full amount of the confirmed, and $40 per additional person.


Credit & No-Show Policy

    • Credits or refunds will not be issued for no-shows of the Overnight.

    • Registrants are responsible for their attendance of the Overnight. The Museum does not provide a reminder phone call the night-of the Overnight for no-shows.

    • Unless the Museum cancels the Overnight, no credit or refunds will be issued.


Weather Cancellation Policy

    • Overnights are held rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, the Museum can cancel the Overnight. In the event of cancellation, registrants will be notified of cancellation by 12:00pm on Friday.

    • In case of weather or other unforeseen circumstances that prevent your attendance of the Overnight, we will issue a rain check and will work with you to schedule another Overnight experience, at the discretion of the Education Team.


Photo Policy

    • The Museum reserves the right to take photos of Overnight participants for promotion. Your reservation serves as permission for photos that may be taken. If you have an objection to your participant’s image being used, please contact the Education Team at 402-944-3100 ext. 214 or


General Information

Overnight Hours

    • All Overnights take place on a Friday night starting at 7:00pm into Saturday morning, ending at 8:00am.

    • Doors will open at 6:45pm.



    • The Museum will provide a light snack for everyone who is registered for the Overnight. There will be donuts and juice in the morning.

**If you have allergies, please provide your own**

    • We encourage you to bring a water bottle. We do have refillable drink stations.


What to bring

    • Sleeping bag, cot, or small air mattress with pillows and blankets—pajamas or clothes to sleep in

    • Toiletries

*Please note that the Museum does not have a shower on location, pets are prohibited, and alcohol is not permitted. *


Guest Conduct:

Adults are responsible for all youth attending.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Museum’s address?

    • 28210 West Park Highway, Ashland, NE 68003.


Is parking free?

    • Parking is available for you for free at the Museum. Passenger van and school bus parking lot are on the South end.


How do I register for an Overnight?


Where do we sleep?

    • You will be sleeping either under the SR-71 or on the upper level of the Museum. Further instructions on bed set up will be given during the Overnight.


When do we set up camp?

    • Bedding and overnight bags can be checked in and left by the guest services desk by the front doors until beds are ready to be made.


Are you prepared for the possibility of boys and girls attending the Overnight?

    • Yes. Boys and girls will participate in activities together, but when sleeping, there will be separate designated sleeping areas available.


Can I arrive late?


Are we allowed to stay at the Museum on Saturday?

    • Yes, groups can stay all day following the overnight if they wish. Overnight registration includes admission into the Museum.


Will the Gift Shop be open during the Overnight?

    • The gift shop will be open at 8:00am Saturday morning.


Can siblings attend the Overnight?

    • Yes, siblings are welcome to attend the Overnight at the same cost as the participant.



What happens if an Overnight gets cancelled?

    • In the case of inclement weather or a program not meeting participation minimums, there will be an opportunity for groups to reschedule or be refunded.


How fast do Overnights fill up?

    • Are extremely popular and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Is there a minimum amount of people a group needs to bring to register for an Overnight?

    • Minimum number for the Overnight to proceed is 75 participants.


My group registered already, and now I have more registrations to add, how do I add more registrations?


My group registered already, and now I do not have that many people attending, how do I change my registration?

    • Overnight registrations are final. No refunds will be given, as this money is used to purchase resources necessary for Overnights.


Can I come only for the activities and not spend the night?

    • Yes, you can come for only the activities and not spend the night. Please let a team member know before you leave so they can let you out of the building.


If there is an emergency in the middle of the night and I need to leave early, can I?

    • Yes. Please make sure you notify the Museum staff working the Overnight, as they are the only ones able to let you out of the building. Further instructions for this will be given during the Overnight.


Please contact us with any additional questions.

 Call us at 402-944-3100 ext. 214 or send us an email at