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C-119G “Flying Boxcar”

Aircraft Type: C-119G, S/N 51-8024L, “Flying Boxcar,” Fairchild Aircraft. Mission: Cargo Transport NUMBER BUILT : Fairchild and Kaiser built a total of 1,151 C-119s. … Read More

RB-45C “Tornado”

Aircraft Type: B-45C(NRB), S/N 48-0017, Tornado, North American Mission: Tactical Reconnaisance. Number Built : The Air Force accepted a grand total of 142 B-45s-XB-45s … Read More

B-58A “Hustler”

Aircraft Type: B-58, S/N 61-2059 Mission: Medium supersonic nuclear bomber Number Built: 116 (All models) Powerplant: Four General Electric J79-5B afterburning turbojets, 15,600 lbs. … Read More

B-57E “Intruder”

Aircraft Type: B-57E, S/N 55-4244, Intruder, Martin Mission: Low-level support bomber and tactical strike aircraft Number Built : The Air Force accepted a grand … Read More

RF-4C “Phantom II”

Aircraft Type: RF-4C Phantom II, McDonnell Douglas Mission: All-weather Photographic Reconnaissance Number Built: The U.S. Air Force accepted 2,874 Phantoms (all models), 505 of … Read More

B-29TB “Superfortress”

Aircraft Type: B-29(TB), S/N 44-84076, Super Fortress, Boeing (Bell)Mission: Heavy BomberNumber Built: The Army Air Force accepted a grand total of 3,960 B-29s: 3,943 … Read More

B-47E “Stratojet”

Aircraft Type: B-47E, S/N 52-1412, Stratojet, Boeing (Douglas) Mission: Medium Bomber Number Built : The Air Force accepted a grand total of 2,041 B-47s … Read More

SR-71A “Blackbird”

Aircraft Type: Lockheed SR-71A, S/N 61-7964, “Blackbird” Mission: High speed, high altitude strategic reconnaissance Number built: 32 Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney JT11D-20B continuous … Read More

B-36J “Peacemaker”

Aircraft Type: B-36J-111, S/N 52-2217A, General Dynamics Mission: Strategic Intercontinental Bomber. Number Built: 385 Powerplant: Six Pratt & Whitney R-4360-53 pusher-type radial engines, 3,800 … Read More

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