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T-29A “Flying Classroom”

Aircraft Type: Convair T-29A, S/N 50-0190, “Flying Classroom” Mission: Navigation Trainer Number built: 944 Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial, air-cooled engines Weight: … Read More

T-33A “T-Bird”

Aircraft Type: Lockheed T-33A, 58-0548, “T-Bird” Mission: Advanced Trainer Number built: 5,69 Powerplant: One Allison J33-A-35 turbojet, 5,400 lbs. thrust Weight: Empty 8,084 pounds, Loaded … Read More

T-39A “Sabreliner”

Aircraft Type: North American T-39A, S/N 62-4487, “Sabreliner” Mission: Utility Aircraft and combat-readiness trainer Number built: 149 Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney JT-12A-8 turbojets, … Read More

B-25N “Mitchell”

Aircraft Type: B-25N(JTB), S/N 44-30363, Mitchell, North American Mission: Medium Bomber Number Built: Nearly 11,000 were built between 1940 and 1945, of which the … Read More

U-2C “Dragon Lady”

Aircraft Type: U-2C, Lockheed “Dragon Lady” Mission: Long range, high altitude strategic reconnaissance Number built: 53 Powerplant: One Pratt & Whitney J75-P-13 turbojet, 17,000 … Read More

B-1A “Lancer”

Aircraft Type: Rockwell International B-1A, S/N 76-174, “Lancer” Mission: Swing Wing Strategic Bomber Number built: Four B-1A models, 100 b-1B models Powerplant: Four General … Read More

XF-85 “Goblin”

Aircraft Type: F-85(XF), S/N 46-0524, Goblin, McDonnell Mission: “Parasite” fighter-escort Number Built: 2 Powerplant: One Westinghouse J34-WE-7 axial-flow turbojet, 3,000 lbs. thrust. Weight: Empty … Read More

B-17G “Flying Fortress”

110Aircraft Type: B-17P(DB), S/N 44-83559, Flying Fortress, Boeing (Douglas)Mission: Heavy BomberNumber Built : A total of 12,731 Flying Fortresses were produced in the period … Read More

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