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EC-135 “Looking Glass”


Aircraft Type: C-135(EC), S/N 63-8049, Looking Glass, Boeing Mission: Airborne Command Post Number Built : The Air Force accepted a grand total of 820 … Read More

H-19B “Whirlwind”


Aircraft Type: H-19B, S/N 53-4426, Chickasaw, Sikorsky Mission: Search and Rescue Helicopter Number Built : During 10 years of production 1,181 H-19 Chickasaw helicopters … Read More

CH-21B “Work Horse”


Aircraft Type: H-21B(CH), S/N 52-8676, Workhorse, Piasecki (Vertol)Mission: Troop Carrier and rescue helicopterNumber Built : The United States Air Force ordered an evaluation and … Read More

HU-16B “Albatross”


Aircraft Type: HU-16B, S/N 51-0006, Albatross, Grumman Mission: Utility transport and air/sea rescue amphibian Number Built: Grumman delivered a total of 297 SA-16As to … Read More

C-54D “Skymaster”


Aircraft Type: C-54D, S/N 42-72724, Skymaster, DouglasMission: Cargo or Troop TransportNumber Built : The USAAF accepted a grand total of 1,162 C-54′s. Specifically, the … Read More

KC-97G “Stratofreighter”


Aircraft Type: Boeing KC-97G, S/N 53-0198, “Stratofreighter” Mission: Aerial refueling tanker-transport Number built: 880 Powerplant: Four Pratt & Whitney R-4360-59B Wasp Major air-cooled radial … Read More

C-47A “Skytrain”


Aircraft Type: C-47A, S/N 43-48098, Skytrain, Douglas Mission: Cargo and Troop Transport NUMBER BUILT : Douglas built a total of 10,047 C-47s and derivatives. … Read More

MIG-21F “Fishbed-C”


Aircraft Type: Mikoyan MiG-21F, S/N 60-2105, “Fishbed-C” Mission: Single seat, multi-role fighter Number built: 15,000 Powerplant: One Tumanski TDR Mk R-37F afterburning turbojet, 12,500 … Read More

C-119G “Flying Boxcar”


Aircraft Type: C-119G, S/N 51-8024L, “Flying Boxcar,” Fairchild Aircraft. Mission: Cargo Transport NUMBER BUILT : Fairchild and Kaiser built a total of 1,151 C-119s. … Read More

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