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Missiles & Rockets

Although unofficially designated a surface-to-surface ICM, the Snark was essentially a small, turbojet-powered, unmanned aircraft.  It was designed to be fired from a short … Read More

F-105 “Thunderchief”

Aircraft Type: F-105D, S/N 61-069Mission: Supersonic Tactical Fighter-BomberPowerplant: One Pratt & Whitney J75 jet engine with 26,500 lbs. of thrust.Weight: 54,580 lbs.Dimensions: Wingspan 34’ … Read More

B-52 “Stratofortress”

Aircraft Type: B-52B(RB), S/N 52-8711, Stratofortress, BoeingMission: Heavy BomberNumber Built : The Air Force purchased 744 B-52s- prototype, test, and reconnaissance configurations included. Precisely, … Read More

Donate Artifact

Please complete the following form to begin the Artifact Donation process. Name* First Last Address* Street Address Address Line 2 City State / Province … Read More

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