Get ready for a fun day at the SAC Aerospace Museum with a program designed specifically for homeschool families. Students of all ages will participate in hands-on, interactive activities in a themed workshop. These workshops are limited to 30 total students so register early!

FAQs about Homeschool Days

When is the program? Homeschool Days are held at 1:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month.

Who can participate? Homeschool Days are geared toward ages 7-15. Younger siblings are welcome to tag-along, but will not participate in the activities.

How much is the program? 

Children: $6 for members, $8 for non-members

Parents: Free for museum members, $13 for non-members.

Program cost includes museum admission and all activities.

How can I register? Click on the date of the program for which you would like to register. Program registration may be made at any time, but space is limited to 30 participants.

What do you do at a Homeschool Days Program? Homeschool Days Programs last 60-90 minutes and include a variety of themed activities. Descriptions are listed below for each program. A typical program will include a short lecture and two to three hands-on activities.

Other Questions? Contact staff to get the best experience possible for your students by calling 402-944-3100 ext. 221, or emailing the Education Department.

Homeschool Days 2021

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Check out our activity dates below, and a short preview of what we’ll be covering.

2022 Homeschool Days Dates

Registration for 2022 Homeschool Day dates opening soon!


That’s a Fine Way to run a Railroad
Join us at the museum to learn all about the nation’s fixed path transport. How did it get started? How far has railway technology advanced? Where can you go? And most importantly, can we make it better?


I’m Late, I’m Late!
History of time and how we keep track of it, lose it, and use it. Create sundials, see interesting chronographs and learn how the railroad industry standardized time.


Coding without Computers
Through interactive activities and games, experiment with a marble computer and learn to count with binary numbers, learn all about the basics of coding without a computer!


Adventures to Mars
Learn all about the red planet, previous and current missions to the surface. Explore the idea of creating a settlement on Mars and how we might use Mars as the launching pad for human exploration farther into the solar system.


Marble Madness
Explore different ways we can transport marbles. Track the speed of different types of marbles, create your own marble roller coaster, and enter the realm of the Chaos Tower.


Why do we study Math?
Come to the Museum and see how the study of mathematics helps shape our society and improves our technology, traffic flow, and understanding of just how big the universe is.


The Science of Art
Learn about how art and science are related, and how they might not be too different from each other. Learn about Leonardo da Vinci and how he turned his love of both science and art into technological innovation.


Hey Andromeda, Say Cheese!
This month we are exploring photography, but not just any photography, astrophotography, or taking pictures of space. Explore the universe with us as we glide through the stars, planets and galaxies in our planetarium.


Science is Magic!
Come join our mad scientists as we conduct all sorts of fun science experiments that seem like magic. Ever seen glass disappear before your eyes? How about Magnus Gliders? Make your own homemade lava lamps, and so much more!