Aircraft Type: Avro Vulcan B.Mk II, S/N XM573

Mission: Medium strategic bomber

Number built: 122 (all models), 75 (Mk.II version)

Powerplant: Four Bristol Siddely Olympus turbojets, 20,000 lbs. thrust each

Weight: Empty 160,000 pounds, Maximum takeoff weight 200,000 pounds

Dimensions: Wingspan 111′, Length 105’5″, Height 27’2″

Performance: Maximum speed 645 MPH, Cruising speed 627 MPH, Service ceiling 55,000 feet.

Significance of Type :

The Vulcan was Britain’s largest operational combat aircraft and was designed for strike and strategic reconnaissance roles. It became a familiar sight at SAC bases by participating in weapons tests and SAC bombing competitions. The Vulcan also carried out alert exercises and training operations with SAC as part of NATO and Western Hemisphere defense.

About our Mk. II Vulcan: This Vulcan (S/N XM573) was the 101st aircraft produced, it was delivered to the Royal Air Force Strike Command in March, 1963. It was presented to the Strategic Air & Space Museum as a token of cooperation between the Royal Air Force and the Strategic Air Command, and made its last flight into Offutt AFB, Nebraska in June, 1982. This Vulcan is one of three Vulcans on display in the United States.