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Learn all about the development of planes, how they fly, the different types, and become a fact machine around the museum! Youth will also be able to build their very own aircraft models to test, try out the flight simulator, and learn basic drone flying skills.

Everyone is an engineer! Join this camp to build on your engineering skills! Youth will learn and apply the engineering process to various challenges while collaborating in teams and learning all sorts of engineering careers.

Mission to Mars is an exciting endeavor to explore various components to consider as humans look to make their first trip to Mars. Enjoy ‘STEAM-related’ activities that challenge you to think about creating a colony to allow humans to thrive.

This engaging, week-long camp includes our ‘Amazing Aviators’ component and space-related content. Youth will get the ultimate experience through hands-on activities tied to our past (flight) and into our future (space).

This camp is about finding the interconnectivity of people and things in a new emerging field called Network Science! Youth will get to explore hands-on, engaging activities as well as games!

The title says it all! Youth in this camp will get to work via hands-on experiences to Make, Solve, and Launch a variety of things for some awesome experiences related to space! 

Build, create, and learn all about robotics and programming. Youth will enjoy this hands-on activity as they work to program robots to complete tasks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Camp check-in and check-out will be done by the nose of the SR-71 upon entrance to the Museum. Please park and walk with your camper to the check-in line.

At check-in, we will ask for the name of the person picking up your camper that day. A photo identification is required each day for the person picking up the camper at check-out. If the pick-up person changes during the day, please email kmanley@sacmuseum.org with the camper’s name and the new pick-up person for that day.

Check-In times are as follows:

All Age Groups

8:15 – 8:30 a.m.

Check-Out times are as follows:

All Age Groups

4:15 – 4:30 p.m.

Campers should be checked in and checked out within the allotted time.

Camp is for Campers

Only Museum staff and registered volunteers may enter the drop-off area. Guardians must remain outside the check-in area.

Our staff are trained to help your camper feel comfortable and safe while at camp. Once the day starts, there are so many fun experiences that campers almost always forget about being sad. Here are some things you can do before camp to prepare them for what to expect:

  • Share ideas with your camper about what to do if they feel lonely, such as find a friend, get involved in something fun, or talk to their instructor
  • Let your child know that missing home is typical, and ask them what they might do to get through it.
  • Work to support your child by discussing how cool it is that they are independent enough to go to camp.
  • *NOTE: All camp sales are final, no refunds will be issued unless otherwise decided by Museum staff.
  • Please provide lunch each day. Note: we do not have refrigerators or microwaves for your camper.
  • It is recommended to bring a small backpack to carry coats, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Campers must wear closed-toed shoes.
  • The Museum will provide a snack each day. If your child has special dietary requirements, please provide snacks for them during snack times.
  • For tax preparation, the Museum’s tax ID is #47-0619646

If you have any questions, please email kmanley@sacmuseum.org or call (402)944-3100 x214

Campers are expected to follow directions and be respectful and responsible for their behavior during camp. Guardians will be alerted by a verbal report if their camper’s behavior has become disruptive. It is the job of the guardian to address this behavior before the next day of camp. If disruptive behaviors continue, the camper will be removed from the camp, and no refund will be issued.

If your camper requires assistance during camp, a camp aid may attend camp with the camper. Families are responsible for hiring and paying for camp aid. Camp aids must have completed ninth grade, be at least four years older than the child he/she is assisting, and may not be a family member. Assistants 19 and older will be subject to a background check.

We utilize a 5-step behavior policy. The following steps will be used to address any camper behavioral issues:

  1. Verbal Reminder: Campers will be asked to stop disruptive behavior.
  2. Environmental Change: Campers will be removed from the area and may be asked to sit out one activity.
  3. Behavior Report: A verbal account of the disruptive behavior will be given to the guardian at pick-up.
  4. Send Home: A camper will be sent home if the formally addressed behavior is repeated. They will be allowed to return the next day.
  5. Removal from Camp: If the behavior happens again after the previous four steps have occurred, the camper will not be permitted to return to camp for the 2023 season. No refund will be issued. Any other camps that the camper is registered for will be forfeited with no refund.

Disruptive behaviors are classified at the discretion of the Education Team. Ultimately, the behavior will be deemed disruptive if it negatively affects the experience of other camp participants or puts themselves or others in danger.

Examples of Disruptive Behavior:

  • Talking while others are talking
  • Repeatedly running through the Museum when asked to walk
  • Refusing to participate in activities
  • Throwing items
  • Entering off-limits areas
  • Bullying or aggravating fellow campers
  • Using hurtful language
  • Excluding other campers from activities
  • Inappropriate touching

The following will result in immediate dismissal from camp without refund:

 Physical violence: hitting, kicking, punching, biting, or inappropriate touching

 Inappropriate language: cursing, name-calling, derogatory remarks, or hate speech.