Igniting Curiosity. Inspiring Innovation.


Welcome to the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, a place for aspiring innovators, builders, explorers and anyone in between to immerse themselves in the discovery of flight and space exploration.

As we ascend into our 25th year, we’re on a mission to provide innovative and interactive experiences inspired by the past to imagine the limitless possibilities for the future. From larger-than-life exhibits and aircraft collections to exciting, hands-on STEM camp experiences, join us on a journey into the sky and beyond.

Past Meets Future

Our museum was built as a state-of-the-art center for housing the aircraft and artifacts used by the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War. With careful restoration efforts and impressive displays, we’ve been sharing this critical time in our history with the next generations for 25 years.

Now, we aim to honor our heritage while looking toward the bright future of air and space innovation. The museum remains a significant historical resource while also using its collection to ignite the imagination of tomorrow’s scientists and explorers. Specializing in science and space exploration, technological innovation and a genuine commitment to sharing and preserving our nation’s history, we’re uniting our past and future to secure our spot as the Midwest’s premier museum and science center.