Let Your Curiosity Soar


Aircraft Type: F-102A, S/N 54-1405, Delta Dagger, Convair  

Mission: Fighter-interceptor  

Number Built: The Air Force accepted a grand total of 1,000 F-102s. Of these, 889 were listed as F-102As, even though they included 2 prototypes, 8 early straight-fuselage, and 4 F-102A test aircraft. The remaining 111 were TF-102As. 87 were canceled.  

Powerplant: One Pratt & Whitney J-57-23 two-shaft, afterburning turbojet, 17,200 pounds of thrust  

Weight: Empty 28,600 pounds, loaded 32,000 pounds, maximum takeoff weight 32,000 pounds  

Dimensions: Wingspan 38’1″, length 68’5″, height 21’2″  

Performance: Maximum speed 825 MPH (Mach 1.1), cruising speed 600 MPH, service ceiling 54,000 feet