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Aircraft Type: F-86H, S/N 53-1375, Sabre, North American  

Mission: Fighter-bomber  

Number Built: The Air Force accepted 6,353 F-86s (all models included), 5,893 of them for its own use, and 460 ordered into production for MDAP. A breakdown of the USAF F-86 total showed 3 experimental and prototype F-86As, 554 F-86As, 393 F-86Es, 1,959 F-86Fs, 2 YF-86 Hs, 473 F-86Hs, 2 YF-86Ds, and 2,540 F-86Ds (all F-86Ls being converted F-86Ds). The MDAP count was 60 F-86Es, 280 F-86Fs, and 120 F-86Ks.  

Powerplant: One General Electric J73-GE-3E turbojet engine, 8,920 pounds thrust  

Weight: Empty 10,495 pounds, loaded 16,357 pounds, maximum takeoff weight 24,296 pounds   

Dimensions: Wingspan 39’1″, length 38’10″, height 15′  

Performance: Maximum speed 692 MPH, cruising speed 527 MPH, service ceiling 50,800 feet