Let Your Curiosity Soar


Paper Draw Alive is a unique interactive wall projector drawing game in which users can watch their drawings come to life on a large screen!

First, pick out a coloring template of your choice. All of our themes come with at least five fun templates to choose from. Next, color in your template and write your name! Once you’re done, walk over to the scanning cabinet and place your coloring page under the scanner. In about three seconds, you’ll see your template and name on the interactive wall projector! Watch your template and others interact around the screen.


Users will go to iDrawAlive.com on their own mobile devices and log in using the special code shown on the screen. They will then choose a drawing, color it in, send it, and watch it appear on the big screen!


Imagine having the floor beneath you come to life and turn into a virtual playground filled with games, activities, and more! Experience this with our Dynamic Floor.

Using an interactive floor projector and motion sensor, moving graphics and fun games appear on the ground and react to hand movements, feet movements, and gestures.


Take your selfie game to the next level with our interactive Selfie Wall! This product allows users to photograph themselves using a touchscreen kiosk and take their selfie to another world using augmented reality. Users can see their face on an astronaut in space, a scuba diver in the middle of the ocean, and much more.


Abstract artistic graphics and illustrations are generated on a screen and are changed in real time by anyone who stands before it and moves. Watch colors and patterns change and appear as you move; twirl, jump, or wave your arms and you’ll feel like an artist creating a digital masterpiece.

This motion reactive interactive wall teaches users about kinetic energy and movements.