Let Your Curiosity Soar


Aircraft Type: B-29(TB), S/N 44-84076, Super Fortress, Boeing (Bell)  

Mission: Heavy bomber  

Number Built: The Army Air Force accepted a total of 3,960 B-29s: 3,943 B-29s, 3 XB-29s (including the experimental plane which crashed before delivery), and 14 B-29 prototypes.   

Powerplant: Four supercharged Wright R-3550-W57 Double Cyclone radial, air-cooled engines; 2,200 horsepower each  

Weight: Maximum 133,500 pounds  

Dimensions: Wingspan 141’3″, length 99′, height 27’9″  

Performance: Maximum speed 357 MPH, cruising speed 220 MPH, range 3,700 miles, service ceiling 33,600 feet