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Aircraft Type: B-47E, S/N 52-1412, Stratojet, Boeing (Douglas)  

Mission: Medium bomber  

Number Built: The Air Force accepted a total of 2,041 B-47s. Specifically, the B-47 program was comprised of 2 XB-47s, 10 B-47As (mostly used for testing), 397 B-47B s, 1 YB-47C, 1,341 B-47Es, 255 RB-47Es, and 35 RB-47Hs.   

Powerplant: Six General Electric J47-GE-25A single-shaft turbojets, 7,200 pounds of thrust each  

Weight: Empty 78,200 pounds, loaded 175,000 pounds, maximum takeoff weight 202,000 pounds  

Dimensions: Wingspan 116′, length 109’10″, height 27’11″  

Performance: Maximum speed 650 MPH at 20,000 feet, cruising speed 495 MPH, service ceiling 42,000 feet