Let Your Curiosity Soar


Aircraft Type: B-57E, S/N 55-4244, Intruder, Martin  

Mission: Low-level support bomber and tactical strike aircraft  

Number Built: The Air Force accepted a total of 403 B-57′s, which were all produced in Baltimore, Maryland, by the Glenn L. Martin Co. Specifically, the B-57 program comprised 8 B-57As, 202 B-57Bs, 38 B-57Cs, 68 B-57Es, 67 RB-57As, and 20 RB-57Ds. Other B-57s, such as the B-57Gs, RB-57Fs, and WB-57Fs, were the result of extensive post-production modifications.  

Powerplant: 2 Wright WJ65-W-5 turbojets, 7,200 pounds thrust each 

Weight: Empty 30,000 pounds, loaded 49,500 pounds, maximum takeoff weight 55,000 pounds   

Dimensions: Wingspan 64′, length 65’6″, height 15’7″  

Performance: Maximum speed 580 MPH at 40,000 feet, cruising speed 475 MPH, service ceiling 48,000 feet, range 2300 miles