Let Your Curiosity Soar


Aircraft Type: C-54D, S/N 42-72724, Skymaster, Douglas  

Mission: Cargo or troop transport  

Number Built: The USAAF accepted a total of 1,162 C-54′s. Specifically, the C-54 program comprised 24 C-54s, 252 C-54As, 220 C-54Bs, 1 VC-54C specially modified to serve as Presidential transport for President Roosevelt (SACRED COW), 380 C-54Ds, 125 C-54Es, 162 C-54Gs, and another 235 C-54Gs were canceled after VJ-Day.  

Powerplant: Four Pratt & Whitney R-2000-9 radial air-cooled engines, 1,450 horsepower each  

Weight: Empty 54,000 pounds, loaded 73,000 pounds, maximum takeoff weight 82,500 pounds   

Dimensions: Wingspan 117’6″, length 93’11″, height 27’6″  

Performance: Maximum speed 274 MPH at 14,000 feet, cruising speed 239 MPH, service ceiling 30,000 feet