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Aircraft Type: H-21B(CH), S/N 52-8676, Workhorse, Piasecki (Vertol)  

Mission: Troop carrier and rescue helicopter  

Number Built: 213 total H-21s were built. The United States Air Force ordered an evaluation and service trials batch of 18 YH-21s from Piasecki Helicopter Corporation in 1949. Following successful trials with these aircraft, 32 H-21As were ordered. Production of the Workhorse continued with the H-21B, ordered for service with Troop Carrier Command as an assault transport, and delivered in 1953. Production of the H-21B for the USAF totaled 163.   

Powerplant: One Wright R-1820-103 Cyclone radial, air-cooled engine, 1,425 horsepower  

Weight: Empty 9,148 pounds, loaded 13,500 pounds, maximum takeoff weight 15,000 pounds   

Dimensions: Rotor diameter 44’6″, length 52’6″, height 15’5″  

Performance: Maximum speed 127 MPH, cruising speed 101 MPH, service ceiling 7,750 feet