Let Your Curiosity Soar


Aircraft Type: HU-16B, S/N 51-0006, Albatross, Grumman  

Mission: Utility transport and air/sea rescue amphibian  

Number Built: Grumman delivered a total of 297 SA-16As to the USAF; others were obtained on USAF contracts for foreign air forces under Mutual Defense Aid. The SA-16B became the HU-16B in 1962. All but 21 of the SA-16Bs were converted from the SA-16A. The USAF retired their HU-16 in 1973 with some 55 being transferred to the Coast Guard.  

Powerplant: Two Curtis-Wright R-1820-76A radial, air-cooled engines, 1,425 horsepower each  

Weight: Empty 20,100 pounds, loaded 27,500 pounds, maximum takeoff weight 37,500 pounds  

Dimensions: Wingspan 80′, length 60’8″, height 24’10″  

Performance: Maximum speed 270 MPH, cruising speed 225 MPH, service ceiling 21,500 feet